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Leo – 2022 March Monthly Love Horoscope

You’ll be soaking up the intuitive, psychic rays of the Pisces sun as March begins, so take full advantage of that extra sense you get about things. You badly want love in your life now, but is it possible you’re just enamored with the idea of being part of a perfect couple? Try to stop comparing current and/or future relationships to your idealized version of love that can probably never be obtained.

There’s a fabulously fortunate sun-Jupiter conjunction in giving Pisces on March 5 that can help you be all you can be. You are capable of giving unconditional love now, Leo, and also receiving it. Be open to a higher (spiritual) voice that reminds you of your innocence. There is a difference between being selfless and being gullible.

However, a sun-Neptune conjunction, also in sympathetic water sign Pisces, on the thirteenth reminds you that in some cases it’s important to know where your personal limits and boundaries are, especially when it comes to romance. If your thoughts are hazy and you can’t make up your mind, it’s okay to postpone your final decision.

The sun’s rays turn hot under the influence of Aries starting on March 20, and the next month will be exciting and unpredictable as you become more demanding and impatient than you’ve been recently. Your aggressive behavior might be a turn-on for some and a turnoff for others. You’ll know which is which right away!

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