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Libra – 2022 March Monthly Love Horoscope

As March begins, we find love’s cheerleader Venus, your ruler, spending time with dedicated, detail-focused Capricorn. Very little goes unexamined now, and you have very specific ideas about what the future of your love life should look like. If you aren’t with (or pursuing) someone with long-term potential, Libra, this might be a good time to reevaluate things.

A probing Venus-Pluto conjunction in steady Capricorn on March 3 encourages you to look within yourself for a lot of the relationship answers that have been eluding you lately. Even though other people’s love lives might look easy from your perspective, they’re probably not. This aspect urges you to acknowledge the need to put in the hard work to get the results you want.

Both controlling Mars and romantic Venus partner with air sign Aquarius starting on the fifth, so for the rest of the month the universe is encouraging you to be more innovative and experimental. Your unique outlook on love deserves recognition, and you’ll get it during these freethinking transits that promote your owning of your unique perspective.

You might not be feeling the position you’re in during the Venus-Saturn conjunction on March 28, but that’s just a message from the universe to make a change. Take action instead of sitting back and feeling sorry for yourself.

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