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Mars in Aries Horoscopes – May 24, 2022

Mars in Aries Horoscopes – May 24, 2022

After patrolling Pisces with shark-like cunning over the past several weeks, Mars shakes off the brine to arrive at Aries’ arid shores. This is Mars’ homecoming to its fiery domain.

From May 24th to July 4th, Mars in Aries ignites our “want and you shall receive” drive. It’s time to test our will, steel our resolve, and propel headlong into the frontlines of our aspirations. Aries’ terrain in your chart reveals where you are a warrior, sharpening your sword against the hardest stone.

Channeling Mars’ fiery, propulsive state won’t guarantee immunity from stage fright. Simply showing up, despite our doubt, takes true grit. Tempering our inner champion asks us to hold our visceral fear and gut reactions with piercing awareness.

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