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Capricorn – Mars in Aries Horoscope

Come late May, your hearth is ablaze as the guiding light you’re organizing your life around. As Mars heats your house of ancestry and lineage, you tap into old power lines laid by those who came before you. When Mars and Jupiter unite on May 29th, they ignite the spiritual traditions and philosophies you’ve inherited.

Along the way, you uncover old stories of family wounds. By mid-June, Mars and Chiron prompt you to take action on mending any loose ends of your lineage. Living with courage is an offering to this long line of warriors. Light your torch with their stories of overcoming and carry their flame forward.

Since late 2020, Saturn has tested and strengthened your responsibility with personal resources. As Saturn and Mars collaborate in late June, you’ll find that your foundations are well-laid.

The beginning of July is marked by a potent tug-of-war between the transformative forces coursing through your sense of self, and the fervent activity on your home front. Fortify and nourish yourself. Guard your vitality and energy with unwavering resolve.

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