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Taurus – Mars in Aries Horoscope

As the rest of the world seems eager to break out, you feel called to go within. Mars’ passage through Aries guides you to face your interiors. With courage, you survey the dark for what you’d rather not see. Stay with what you discover. Let Mars’ heat smoke out the haunted corners of your psyche.

Banish the ghosts holding you down and holding you back.

Everyone knows you’re a lover, not a fighter. Yet around June 15th, you stare down your complex relationship with conflict. Remember: it’s human to feel anger, and it’s adult to express it. Healing lies within doing so and realizing that not every honest conversation has to devolve into a bitter spat.

By late June, you’ll find your deep inner work has empowered you to rise to your professional potential. With an energy boost that appears from nowhere, you bear new loads of responsibility and commitment. Understanding how you get in your own way clears your ascent.

As July opens, your retreat may reveal a chasm in your faith. Lean on wise spiritual elders to carry you through. Yet also ask questions. If you don’t like the answers, find out why.

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