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Gemini – Mars in Aries Horoscope

Your agenda sizzles with initiative as Mars sears through your arena of alliances and collectives. The planet of protection rouses you to rally comrades and lift communal spirits.

Remember, your squad at heart is fighting for the same cause. Don’t get discouraged if your social life feels like a chaotic scramble at times. Mars’ conjunction with Jupiter promises a unifying philosophy to herd your allies under one mission statement.

The merger between Mars and Chiron on June 15th reveals the redemptive potential of your social initiatives. The ways your community holds and heals you informs the advocate you’ve become in your collective.

On June 27th, constructive links form between your disciplined spiritual study and social efforts, adding rigor to your exuberant community energy. Shared pipe dreams are great, but so is showing up for the work and laying down the foundations.

July arrives with a hard rattle to your house of endings, grief, and joined resources. While Mars asks you to spearhead collectives, Pluto pulls you underground to process mental anguish. Though daunting, this passage teaches you how to hold fast and let go, all at once.

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