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Libra – Mars in Aries Horoscope

Mars in Aries ignites your urge to merge, teaching you that asserting can be flirting. Turns out, the diplomat and the daredevil might have everything they need for the long haul.

As Mars and Jupiter connect on May 29th, you’re ready for your joyride. Right now, it feels good to be in the moment, alive in the most exhilarating company.

By mid-June, desires sharpen into pangs of concern. Old abrasions from past disappointments ache again. You wonder if you’ve really got the energy to sustain a new major connection. Though the past may echo, history won’t repeat if you’re conscious of your patterns — and aware of how you’ve grown.

Meanwhile, Saturn has been strengthening your capacity for creativity and romance since late 2020. As Mars and Saturn collaborate, the energies of action and endurance play well together. This moment offers support for your relational sphere. Perhaps it’s not just a flash in the pan?

The Mars / Pluto square of early July may unearth profound truths from your roots. As you plunge deeper into passionate connection, you must reckon with the potent forces that skew your equilibrium. Come home to what stabilizes you as you weather this transformative storm.

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