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Scorpio – Mars in Aries Horoscope

When Mars enters Aries in late May, it powers up your forge of health and service. Mars (the ruler of Scorpio) is in fine form, sharpening your tool kit until it gleams. As you hammer away at your day-to-day workflow, your energy feels bottomless. The more you do, the more you can do.

Good thing you’re on fire, because Mars and Jupiter conspire to bring you big boons. You forget to feel exhausted. The word “yes” bursts forth from your mouth before you’ve considered how you’ll actually tend so many irons in the fire.

Yet, like every titan before you, you’re sometimes too strong for your own good. Your will gallops while your earthly container needs rest. As Mars catches up with Chiron mid-June, you’re reminded to not take your recuperative powers for granted.

It may be that you’re in a feast or famine line of work, where it’s hard to say no. But you can say yes to small breathers. You can drink peppermint tea. Sliced cucumber feels good on your aching eyeballs. When Saturn and Mars meld collaboratively, you strike a steady balance between your work and home life.

July opens with mounting tensions between your workflow and communications. Crossed wires send sparks flying that may ignite power struggles and burnout. A community showdown or sibling rivalry may flare. Remember to fight fair. Take care to not feed this flame.

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