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Aries- Mars in Taurus Horoscope

Mars’ entry into Taurus will have you eager to get the bag. Or, perhaps, money is activating some primal emotions right now. Either way, the coin is on your mind and your mind is on the coin.

If you’ve been waffling on setting up a savings account, or haven’t even thought about a nest egg, use the raw energy of Mars to get the ball rolling on these ventures. Sometimes simply taking initiative with our budgets and savings plans can help dispel the intense emotions that finances can bring.

As Mars and Uranus strike sparks on August 1st, radically rewrite the money stories and spending patterns that do not honor the financial freedom you crave. This energy can breed anxiety, but it also propels change and innovation. Just as currency and capital are always flowing, you are never stuck when it comes to financial circumstances.

Maybe your quirkiest hobby or party trick could be spun into gold. Whatever paradigm has kept you erring on the side of scarcity rather than abundance — let that tower fall.

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