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Capricorn – Mars in Taurus Horoscope

For you, Mars in Taurus is all about carving space for the good things in life. Pounce on everyday pleasures instead of letting them slip away. Scour your neighborhood corkboard or Eventbrite for dance parties, picnics, and plays in the park. Dust off your pan-flutes and rally your other merry-makers.

Whether you opt for a night of revelry with friends or the vacation you’ve been putting off for years, there’s no more procrastinating your enjoyment. In fact, Mars forbids it.

On August 1st, take note of a rising hunger to create and release something of yourself into the world. Whatever is longing to be creatively birthed, map it out. Even if the idea isn’t fully formed, take a first bold brush stroke or free-write onto the page. The day is ripe for creative breakthroughs — all you have to do is open yourself up to the delights and mysteries that come with the process.

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