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Taurus – Mars in Taurus Horoscope

As Mars enters your sign, it’s time to focus on your personal ambitions and development. Cultivate the inner flame of your intuition and soul’s wild path. Tend to the practices, personal goals, and passion projects that burn brightly for themselves and require no external justification. To those offended by you getting your groove back: Excuse me? Let the next few weeks be a test as to who is truly in your corner.

During this time, let Mars’ laser focus cut through the static of other people’s opinions as you unapologetically take up your own space.

There’s a sacred niche in this cosmos that only you can fill, and stepping into your power takes a bit of audacity. Mars will help with the shamelessness, but it’s up to you to take that first bold step.

As Mars and Uranus conjoin on August 1st, an excess of nervous energy will require intentional earthing. Major Tom to ground control! Carve out time for your most reliable grounding practices on this day. You’ll be a lightning rod for divine insight at this time, but it will pass clean through you without a sturdy foundation.

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