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Cancer – Mars in Taurus Horoscope

Mars’ entry into Taurus will have you wanting to burn off this excess energy with your friends. Whether you choose to attend a creative workshop or spearhead a community vegetable patch, Mars wants you to get fired up by the vibes of the group. Take your friendly competition with a side of mutual enthusiasm and see how far you can egg each other on.

When Mars and Uranus conjoin on August 1st, these group endeavors will crackle with the electricity of innovation.

Use this day to mind-map up a storm with others in your field, or simply let your freak flag fly at a dance party. Just beware the possibility of groupthink pulling the plug on this DJ set.

As Mars and the North Node meet, you may experience a deep soul hunger to find your people. Fair-weather friends and idle chitchat will no longer pass the muster. Be brave and sample the most eclectic Meetups and Eventbrites you can. Hitch your wagon to a crowd outside your usual social grooves. Meet new people AND learn something new. Who says you can’t expand your circle and horizons at the same time?

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