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Libra – Mars in Taurus Horoscope

As Mars enters Taurus, it’s time to witness the great feats you can accomplish when you reframe the world as a place of constant exchange. A cloudburst of abundance will be heading your way — so get those rain barrels ready.

In the coming weeks, use Mars’ momentum and drive to collaborate, or merge financial resources with another. Wave your magnetic wand in the direction of loans, grants, stipends, and scholarships. With every door that closes, trust that the resources that are meant for you will stick — all in divine timing.

August 1st presents both turbulence and windfalls when it comes to the cosmos’ starry coffers. Use this day to shake the apple trees in your blind spots, or to free yourself from a scarcity mindset that’s no longer serving. If the lending wheels are already in motion, use this time to ensure that everybody’s on the same page and escape clauses are on lock. It couldn’t hurt to wield your magnifying glass and fine-tooth comb on contracts presented at this time. There are some deals that you can refuse, thank you!

Also remember that entering into financial mergers from a place of urgency might not necessarily serve your interests (or that of the lender). Trust that there are many other funding-body fish in the sea and that you have ample time to feel out the union that truly is soul-aligned.

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