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Sagittarius – Mars in Taurus Horoscope

Mars’ entry into Taurus will have you initiating “beast mode” when it comes to your work and health routines, your daily toil, and your chores. If there’s a side-hustle, contract, or apprenticeship that can honor your passion and drive, go after it. Trust your body’s inner knowing when your work ignites your every cell.

With so much vim and vigor pulsing through the air, choose one or two channels truly worthy of your time and energy investment.

August 1st may hijack your working rhythm, however, as turbulence on the job forces you to think on all four centaur hooves. Use this time to establish systems, organizational hacks, and preemptive measures to carry you through the crunchy seasons. After all, you usually come up with your most ingenious solutions when painted into a corner.

Consider how pressure at work could be alchemized into a pivot, or an entirely new way of doing things.

Mars in Taurus thrives when things are earthbound and tactical, so also listen to your body’s signals when it comes to the final rush to the deadline. How does it talk to you when burnout is looming, or something feels off? Does it whisper before it shouts?

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