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Taurus – 2022 May Monthly Love Horoscope

Your senses are hyperaware as the sun travels through your earth-connected sign in early May. You really enjoy sensual pleasures like expensive perfumes, five-course gourmet meals and long professional massages, and you need a potential partner who will indulge in these things with you. Other luxurious Bulls or beauty-loving Libras are good matches for you now.

Shy Pisces has been hosting your loving leader Venus for the past several weeks, so it’s quite a wake-up call when she shifts into loud, active Aries on May 2. You’re much more likely to take risks and dares concerning your love life now, Taurus, which is so unlike you. Be prepared to answer questions from concerned friends who wonder what the heck you’re doing.

You’ll probably be able to tell when Mercury in chatty Gemini goes retrograde on the tenth, because communication issues might start to get complicated. If someone you’ve been talking to regularly suddenly ghosts you, it’s most likely due to a technical glitch and nothing more.

On May 28, lovely Venus leaves exciting Aries for your reliable sign, and while you might miss some of the excitement of this spontaneous pairing, you’re happy to be back on solid ground. You’re okay being associated with the word “boring” sometimes.

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