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Gemini – 2022 May Monthly Love Horoscope

You’re one of the biggest flirts around as your witty home planet Mercury drifts through your talkative, clever air sign early this month. And you’re rarely at a loss for words, which makes dating a lot less awkward than it could be. Fill in those potentially uncomfortable silences with a joke or interesting bit of trivia.

On May 10, Mercury stations retrograde, still in your smart sign, and it can start to have adverse effects on you, mostly in areas of communication, travel, and technology. If your brain feels a bit foggy, be sure to get lots of sleep and take breaks to let it recharge as much as possible.

The sun leaves predictable Taurus for your flexible sign on the twentieth, and you’ll be feeling curious and anxious to explore your intellectual side for the next month. You can learn a lot by talking to potential dates, and while flirting is fun, you aren’t necessarily interested in being tied down to just one person now. If you’re in a committed relationship, Gemini, stay focused.

Brainy Mercury is still retrograde when it leaves your agile sign and backs up into stubborn Taurus on May 22, which could cause more delays and misunderstandings than it did earlier in the month. Do your best to stay open-minded now despite wanting to fall back into your set (and maybe even overly opinionated) ways.

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