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Cancer – 2022 May Monthly Love Horoscope

Are you ready to have a little more authority over your own love life, Cancer? Because as romantic Venus partners with passionate Aries on May 2, you’re feeling less shy and more like a confident risk taker. In games of Truth or Dare, you choose dare every time!

A gentle partnership between motherly asteroid Ceres and your comforting sign begins on the fifteenth, at which point your relationship with a current or potential lover might take on a much more platonic than passionate vibe. Remember that caring about someone isn’t the same as being attracted to them.

Your emotional leader moon enters a full phase and lunar eclipse in intense Scorpio on the fifteenth as well, surrounding you with suspicious, mistrustful energy. If you suddenly have doubts about a current partner or a new flirtation that had been progressing nicely up until this point, do some investigating. Is this just you being cynical or is there more to the mystery?

As a Gemini new moon arrives on May 30, you find yourself ending the month in a restless mood. You want more from your love life, but is there actually something missing or are you just impatient? Explore your options.

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