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Leo – 2022 May Monthly Love Horoscope

Romantic Venus is very at home in luxury-loving Taurus, one of the signs she guides, at the start of the month, so this is a great time to spare no expense when trying to impress someone! With any luck, you have a little money saved up to buy a special date outfit or gourmet dinner at a new hot spot, because this luxury-loving energy isn’t about using a coupon or getting the two-for-one early bird special!

You’ll know when Mercury heads retrograde in restless Gemini on May 10, because communication will suddenly seems a lot more difficult than it did earlier in the month. Why is it so hard to get someone to return a text or stick with a plan? Blame it on this backward brainy transit if it makes you feel better. (FYI, Leo, it probably won’t.)

As the sun exits sensible Taurus and begins its journey with air sign Gemini on the twentieth, you’re curious about a lot of new things (and people). Asking direct questions is the best way to get the info you’re looking for, but don’t let distractions stop you from remembering important facts you worked hard to gather.

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