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Capricorn – Mercury in Cancer Horoscope

As Mercury wades through your relational waters, it calls you into compassionate conversation with your nearest and dearest. The messenger’s arrival sparks yearnings to revitalize your commitments. Time-tested relationships offer you a healing container now, in which everyone can thrive.

Adaptive Mercury reminds you to stay fluid while exploring familiar communication patterns with your important others. Are there new ways to express enduring feelings? Also, how long has it been since you exchanged affirmations with your inner circle? A few caring sentiments can go a long way.

Of course, remember Mercury’s trickster side over the next two weeks. Make room for witty banter, wordplay, and hand gestures in your intimate exchanges. Charades anyone? Explore how the game of discussion, and tender cajoling, can coax out the most tender truths.

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