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Cancer – Mercury in Cancer Horoscope

Mercury arrives in your house of self and passes you the microphone. It’s time to find your voice again. Seize the moment and amplify your heartfelt message. Express your needs with certainty and sincerity. Speak your dreams and intentions into life. Sing loudly at this pool party.

Mercury in Cancer is not mired in lofty concepts that lure you away from the vulnerable essence of your truth. Instead, your story draws on your depths of empathy and experience. If what you’re sharing brings tears to your eyes, you’ll know you’re onto something. Let it go, and let it flow.

While the shapeshifting planet has you focused on who you are, channel its fluid energies to transform your identity. Explore new ways to adorn yourself, and dress to express your changing moods. Reimagine how you present your multifaceted self to the world, with your true colors on display.

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