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Libra – Mercury in Cancer Horoscope

Over the next two weeks, the planet of communication turns up the volume on your vocation. Heck, you might even feel inspired to speak up about a promotion or draft a personal project proposal. As Mercury serves the beach ball in your career court, it’s time to make waves.

While you’re already known for your tact and equilibrium on the job, Mercury in Cancer will guide you further into the public eye. Here, you’ll moderate honest dialogues. You’ll pass the tissue box. You’ll uphold your calling, and diplomatic vision, as a force of generosity in the professional realm.

Mercury in Cancer also empowers you with the practical tools to sort out your goals. Outline the steps toward your next achievement. Water the seeds of your latent talents so that these may unfurl in your care. Build on the strength of past accomplishments as you reach for new career heights.

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