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Scorpio – Mercury in Cancer Horoscope

The soulful waters in your house of higher education and guiding philosophy are astir. Here, the winged psychopomp encourages you to nurture your unfolding. To map out your spiritual manifesto. To study at the feet of compassionate mentors and share your wisdom with others.

Wandering Mercury also piques your appetite for adventure along the way. This part of your chart relates to long-term quests and plans. With the messenger on your side, now’s the time to get precise about next steps and how exactly they weave into your five-year plan.

Should travel be in your cards, Mercury’s stint in Cancer can help you organize plans farther afield. While a relaxing trip may be sorely needed, you might also consider destinations that help you fulfill an educational dream. Perhaps a pilgrimage to a sacred sight, or natural wonder, to uplift your spirits?

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