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Pisces – Mercury in Leo Horoscope

As Mercury enters Leo, it’s time to bring a hint of frivolity and fun to your daily toil. Whether that means working out the details of an office barbecue or breaking up your suit with “fun socks,” honor your need for a more playful workplace.

If you feel like your creativity isn’t fully being utilized in your job, find ways to sprinkle it in and take note of the results. Whatever brings you to that sweet spot of work feeling like play, call it in. Life is too short to drag yourself from 9 to 5. What are the projects that leave you feeling revitalized?

On July 23rd, invest in the tools of the trade, the office supplies, or the systems that will elevate your daily toil. It’s amazing what new perspectives a standing desk can bring. Just note that July 28th could bring some wild card moments to your work communications, memos, and data sharing. Back it up, then back it up again.

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