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Mercury in Virgo Horoscopes – August 3, 2022

Mercury in Virgo Horoscopes – August 3, 2022

Mercury sprints into discerning, detail-oriented Virgo on August 3rd — and it’s an understatement to say that our cosmic messenger feels at home here. In Virgo’s mutable earth, Mercury is radiant.

Mercury in Virgo notices all. It’s chatty and inquisitive. It triple-checks your texts for typos. And it keeps the read receipts on — always. It ponders everything, like a child asking why over and over. But here, Mercury also wants to listen to what you have to say. It wants to understand the way your brain works. It wants you to make a list of everything you love in this world, and then make another to track everything you didn’t mention in the first.

Mercury in Virgo Horoscopes


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