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Aries – Mercury in Virgo Horoscope

Mercury in Virgo pulls focus to the systems that structure your daily life, health, and work routines. During this time, you may come up with innovative ways to arrange your furniture, or new ideas on how you want to structure your days to better support your well-being.

As August comes to a close, you’re invited to give some extra care and attention to your daily routines. Consider the ways your current schedule makes it easier, or harder, to pause and rest. Any and all ways you can structure downtime into your days will make a difference.

By August 22nd, there’s extra momentum in the air to dig deep and problem-solve with coworkers and collaborators. This moment is all about striking a balance between honoring your drive to innovate and get things done in your public life, while also being your most loyal advocate and ally for rest.

This Mercurial season is an open invitation to take your routines, schedules, and me-time seriously. To treat your time like a precious resource, and to view your schedule as the tool that protects how you use it. Remember: Even tiny stones create ripples. Embrace the small changes that have mighty impacts.

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