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Aquarius – Mercury in Virgo Horoscope

Mercury in Virgo ignites your desire for experiences that remind you of your ability to dive deep. Conversations that aren’t afraid to plunge below surface small-talk, art that reminds you of your vast emotional landscape, and moments that leave you breathless are calling to you.

During this three-week stint, the subterranean parts of you that tend to shy towards the back of the room are more easily accessible than usual thanks to Mercury zooming through this part of your life. Mercury’s way with words may make it so that these parts of you have a louder voice than usual, and can be more easily expressed.

This is a potent time to get to know the shapes and feelings of your emotional and mental health. You may be pulled to spend time thinking about the interwoven relationships that change, loss, and growth share with one another. Remember to bring lightheartedness, play, time outside, and conversations with loved ones into your days, to balance out any emotional spelunking you embark on.

Finding outlets for your emotions to flow (like talking with a friend, journaling, drawing, or listening to music) will help you channel any high-voltage feelings that may come up.

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