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Sagittarius – Mercury in Virgo Horoscope

Mercury in Virgo invites you to dream up, and analyze, plans for your professional life and collaborations. Take inventory of what’s working. Go back to the drawing board and dig into the plans you want to create or improve. Challenge yourself to get clear on what you need to start building. If you’ve been waiting to sync with your boss or co-creators, this is the moment.

By mid-August, the boundary between imagination and illusion will be hazy — thanks to Mercury’s connection with Neptune — so take your time when communicating and drawing up plans with your co-collaborators. Trust that whatever projects and collaborations withstand the dream-fog are stable and lasting.

During this Mercurial season, it can be easy to get caught up in bureaucratic red tape and miss the forest for the trees. Remember to step back every now and then to appreciate the big-picture view of what you’re creating.

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