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New Moon In Libra Horoscopes October 16, 2020

New Moon In Libra Horoscopes October 16, 2020

On October 16, 2020 (12:31 PM Pacific Daylight Time), the new moon will be at 23°53’ of Libra.

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Whether or not we’re entering the boxing ring at this new moon, we might take our cues from the great Muhammad Ali and adopt this as our fighting style.


This applies to both personal relationships and society as a whole. But the predominance of planets in Capricorn at this new moon puts social justice front and center. Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, and Pallas in the sign of the “establishment” make structural, systemic change inevitable. But we have the power—and responsibility—to direct these forces in wise and strategic ways, toward outcomes that benefit everyone.

First, though, we’ll need to build consensus on what a more beautiful, balanced society should look like. And with the moon, sun, and Mars putting pressure on the Capricorn planets, that’s easier said than done right now. Common ground may be hard to come by, but it’s also worth fighting for.


ARIES: Teamwork makes the dream work, Aries! Whether the relationship is personal or professional, you and your partner are stronger together than you are alone. But at this new moon, you may be struggling to get (or stay) on the same page. Consider asking a neutral third party to mediate.

TAURUS: Fair is fair, Taurus. And right now, a lot is happening in the world that’s anything but fair. The injustice didn’t start with you, but now that you’re aware of it, it’s your responsibility to do something. At this new moon, ask how you can help to make it right.

GEMINI: The arts aren’t just for entertainment, Gemini. They can also be a powerful force for social change. And this new moon helps you tap into that creative potential. Whatever form or medium you choose, use your self-expression to uplift, inspire, and build community connections.

CANCER: Harmony begins at home, Cancer. While there are a lot of problems in the world, right now your energy may be better spent addressing your own. Whether the tensions are with a family member, a roommate, or within yourself, this new moon challenges you to seek resolution.

LEO: Disagreement and disrespect are two different things, Leo. But in the heat of an argument, we often act—and react—as if they’re the same. This new moon encourages you to try a more tactful, nuanced communication style. The first step is to balance talking with listening.

VIRGO: Resources may seem scarce right now, Virgo. But don’t worry—there’s plenty to go around. Perhaps it’s just not distributed most fairly or appropriately. At this new moon, look for creative and resourceful ways that you can cooperate and share the wealth with others.

LIBRA: It’s not all about you, Libra—and you’d be the first to admit that. Still, at this new moon, it’s justifiable to put yourself first. In certain situations or relationships, you’ve been doing more than your fair share of the heavy lifting. Now, it’s time to even the scales.

SCORPIO: As within, so without, Scorpio. When your outer life gets thrown off-balance, it can be hard to maintain your inner equilibrium. But at this new moon, it’s well worth the effort. Beginning, or recommitting to, a spiritual practice can help to keep you on an even keel.

SAGITTARIUS: We’re all in this together, Sag—deep down, you know it’s true. Still, sometimes it’s hard to balance your rugged individualism with your responsibility to the collective. But this new moon reminds you that none of us are truly free until all of us are.

CAPRICORN: “Justice is what love looks like in public.” If these words from philosopher/activist Cornel West resonate with you, Capricorn, it’s time to take a stand! Whether your platform is large or small, this new moon challenges you to step up and fight for what you know is right.

AQUARIUS: Exit the echo-chamber, Aquarius! In these polarized political times, it may feel safest to stick to conversations and media that affirm your own worldview. But ultimately, this just serves to deepen the divide. This new moon challenges you to balance your own perspective by considering alternative viewpoints.

PISCES: You get what you give, Pisces—at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. But in certain situations, the exchange may not be quite so fair and balanced. This new moon urges you to reevaluate your investments of resources, energy, and time, and how well they’re paying off for you.


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