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Pisces 2020 March Monthly Horoscope

Pisces 2020 March Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF MAR 2020: Pleasure-seeking Venus pairs up with beauty-loving Taurus, the sign it rules, on March 4, leading you to seek out attractiveness. You love beautiful artwork, gourmet food, and expensive jewelry, and you want to hang out where all the beautiful people are. You might splurge on something you really want whether you can afford it or not, although you’ll probably feel guilty about it later if a large purchase breaks your budget.

Communicative Mercury enters your gentle sign on the sixteenth, changing the way you interact with people. Since you’re pretty shy now, this isn’t the best time to give speeches or presentations. You’re okay during one-on-one interactions, but getting in front of large groups is scary.

You become much bolder and more aggressive when the sun enters fiery Aries on March 19, and new beginnings are possible now because it occurs at the spring equinox and during our return to the first sign of the zodiac. You live fully in the present moment, which is nice for a change.

A sultry Mars-Pluto conjunction on the twenty-third increases your sex drive and makes you think about a lot of things you’ve tried to push to the back of your mind. Find something constructive to do with your excess energy, Pisces, before you do something you might come to regret later!


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