Sagittarius 2020 October Monthly Love Horoscope

MONTH OF OCT 2020: When Pluto goes direct on October 4, you think about past loves and what went wrong. Even if you can’t go back and fix anything now that it’s in the rearview mirror, you can apply what you’ve learned to the future. And that’s valuable information.

Mercury goes retrograde in intuitive Scorpio on the thirteenth, so it will be important not to ignore those little feelings you get here and there. If you get weird vibes from your partner or crush, think about what else might be going on below the surface. There’s more to the story than you will probably recognize at first.

The sun enters confident Scorpio on October 22, allowing you to move in a direction you’ve been curious about lately. There’s no guarantee that you’ll succeed, but with this powerful energy backing you, at least you can say you left it all out on the table.

When lovely Venus is paired with air sign Libra on the twenty-seventh, you can look forward to three weeks of relative peace in your love life. This gentle, willing-to-compromise energy wants you to succeed, and you have very few ulterior motives other than to just be happy. Love thrives now.