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Scorpio 2021 February Monthly Love Horoscope

Scorpio 2021 February Monthly Love Horoscope

Venus, the goddess of love When you pair with Aquarius on February 1, you don’t really know what will happen in your love life, and Scorpio is not necessarily good news for a stable sign like yours. It helps to keep your head away from your heart when making romantic decisions.

In the tenth part, there is Mercury-Mars Square, which ignites your conversations and interactions. When you are passionate about something, you have a hard time catching it. Now it’s unusual because you don’t normally like to show your cards. Arguing with an existing or future partner can really kill the mood.

February 13 brings you to a Mars-Neptune sextile that makes you more attractive than ever. You have a surprising belief that attracts other people and intoxicates them with your mysterious nature, there is something attractive about you in this regard! Make the most of it.

The trinity between Mars and Pluto is the perfect way to end the month on the twenty-fourth. If you know what you want, you’re unstoppable when you move on. If you’re still unsure, you can now be confident in your final decision.



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