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Scorpio May 2022 Horoscope

Scorpio May 2022 Horoscope

April wrapped up with an eclipse that may have sent shockwaves through your partnerships, thanks to a solar eclipse there. It’s clear that you’re navigating entirely new terrain now within your one-on-one bonds, and this could be truly thrilling, as long as you can get comfier with the unknown. This month is bound to be a mixed bag of revisiting the past and getting more comfortable with the unfamiliar. When messenger Mercury backs up through your intimacy sector from May 10 to 22, you have a unique chance to reassess joint resources and do some more healing on deep-rooted emotions alongside a significant other or someone special. Then, around May 15, you’re sure to feel the effects of the lunar eclipse and full moon hitting your partnership zone. This moment could inspire you to stand in your sense of self even more confidently — and to ensure that the person you’re giving (or will one day give) your heart to is worthy of all that you bring to the table.

And if you can’t help but have a one-track mind, heavily focused on your bonds, consider the fact that from May 22 to June 3, Mercury continues its backward spin through your partnership zone. There’s really been no better time to tie up any loose ends in relationships. And from May 24 to July 5, your co-ruler, go-getter Mars will be in your daily routine zone, firing up your drive to get ahead in your day-to-day hustle, which could feel like a nice counterbalance to all the deep emotional work you’ve done this month.


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