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Aries – Gemini Season Horoscope

Gone are the days where you’re waiting in the wings. With both Jupiter now in Aries (and Mars to enter on May 24th), you are the wings. Or at least, you’re test-flying a pair.

Where you have felt uncertain or uninspired in the past, you have no choice now but to follow the heat of your inner flame. You know that wriggle in your gut when you encounter an opportunity that terrifies you? An audition for a community theater, maybe, or an interview for a job that would change your life? This conjunction between Mars and Jupiter lends you the courage to believe in yourself. Sometimes, that’s the scariest feat of all.

Meanwhile, with Mercury still retrograde until June 3rd, your everyday exchanges could be the site of some chaos. The Gemini Sun will add emphasis to this area of your life, spotlighting your daily conversations, rounds, rituals, and relationships with siblings, or people who feel like siblings.

Sometimes our closest relationships need to get messier before they get clear. Sometimes a miscommunication can be just the wake-up call needed to course-correct. You may not realize a dynamic has shifted until circumstances force you to talk with wide open hearts.

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