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Aquarius – Gemini Season Horoscope

The pen is sexier than the sword for you, and your version of fun involves some banter, or at least a rousing word game. Gemini corresponds to the area you flirt from, create from, and generally have a good time.

With Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, retrograde until June 3rd, the season begins on a note of delay and disarray. The Sun’s union with Mercury on May 21st could cut through the radio static with stunning insights, however. Take notes. Remember the creative process doesn’t have to be “clean” to be generative. Masterpieces tend to be the culmination of sweat and mess.

Speaking of which, Mars and Jupiter will clang together in Aries, your place of writing, communication, neighbors, and daily exchanges. Your neighborhood could feel ~loud~ at this time, or it might thrill you in some way, especially if you find yourself on the move.

You might also notice that your writing and other communications gain an edge. This is an exhilarating combo, yet not a discreet one. Sometimes the bravest words are simply the honest ones.

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