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Pisces – Gemini Season Horoscope

The Gemini Sun cups the flame on your hearthstone, adding warmth and vitality to your home life. Yet with Mercury also retrograde in this area, there’s a chance your home or family realms have felt off-kilter.

If you live with other people, mis-communiqués could abound on your kitchen whiteboard. You miss another recycling day, or your fridge calls it quits just after you’ve stocked it with perishable groceries.

The Sun’s arrival to this area could illuminate the root of a problem or misunderstanding. Its conjunction with Mercury on May 21st might just reveal practical solutions too. When in doubt, talk it out with roommates or family. If you live alone, befriend all the handy-people on your block, or take this as an opportunity to learn something new. YouTube tutorial on how to fix your air conditioner drain pipe, anyone?

Excitement is growing in your relationship to wealth and material security. With Mars and Jupiter blazing together in Aries, you’re presented with an opportunity, which could appear, at first, like an unnerving risk. On the one hand, doors you never knew existed blow open. On the other, the rules of reality still apply. Feed the fire in your belly, but do your research. Take only educated risks.

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