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Gemini – Gemini Season Horoscope

This is the first Gemini season in two years where your light gets to shine unobstructed. The eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio may have dislodged some psychic gunk from your system, but the Sun is here to help you puzzle together the pieces.

The union between Mercury and the Sun on May 21st offers one moment in the messenger’s retrograde cycle where lucid insights pierce through the static. If your personal life has felt disorienting lately, tune your antennae for the wisdom that surfaces from the chaos. Precious “aha” moments await — and you’re the channel.

Meanwhile, adventure calls in the form of friendship or community. With Mars and Jupiter blazing together in this social area of your chart, you’re encouraged to take a risk on your collective. This fearless combo supports any initiative on your part to make your world a braver and more compassionate place.

Whether that looks like community organizing, fundraising, or following the wolf howls into an adventure with your pack, a fruitful unknown awaits.

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