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Leo – Gemini Season Horoscope

This Gemini season, your friends have a way of echoing the truths you need to hear. Whether they offer advice that supports what your inner wise one is saying, or you witness something in your community that changes your own path, the collective offers a scrying mirror of practical wisdom.

With Jupiter now in Aries, your 9th House, you may be embarking on an adventure or call to learning. This is the area where your horizon peels back to reveal a vaster plane. That could be the world itself, or Spirit, or whatever wisdom path is beckoning you to listen in. When Mars joins Jupiter on May 29th, the call grows impossible to ignore.

You may be integrating some change or growth in your public roles right now. As you do, remember to keep your vision large. Keep freedom at its center. Freedom is not uniform in the shapes it takes. Open yourself to what it might mean for you now.

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