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Scorpio – Gemini Season Horoscope

With the first Scorpio eclipse now behind you, you emerge from the pulp of your metamorphosis. This transformation will keep unfolding over the next year, with two more eclipses in Scorpio to come. You can’t rush this reappearing act. Much of the magic takes place within your own cocoon.

Gemini is your place of grief, death processes, and other people’s money. You may be grieving an old version of yourself, or something you’ve loved and lost, or mindfully set down. It’s ok to feel lighter even as you grieve. It’s ok to grieve even as you feel lighter. It’s ok if your progress is not linear, or if it’s backwards, or if it doesn’t resemble “progress” at all.

It’s okay to loop, to repeat the same words, or stories, as you work out a knot. There’s room for all of you here, and all of your processes.

Your relationship with work and wellness could be the source of rejuvenation right now. Whether you’re adding a cold shower to your morning rituals or curating a playlist that gets your heart thumping, acts of boldness look good on you.

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