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Capricorn – Sun in Taurus Horoscope

This is a fantastic season in your life, Capricorn, as Taurus gives you the ability to state what’s on your mind without any false words or empty promises. You’ve watched yourself finesse people in the past; you’ve handed them line after line, hoping they’ll take one so that you can claim a victory and get your way. What this means is that you’ve lied to get your way, and you’ve never liked having to lie — mainly because you always, inevitably get caught.

The 2022 Taurus season will put you smack dab in the heart of the truth, and you’ll be put in a position where you have to be honest. Lo and behold, honesty will not only look good on you, but it will feel refreshing. This new honest lifestyle is exactly what you’ve wanted; it just took Taurus to make it happen — and it’s happening.

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