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Scorpio – Sun in Taurus Horoscope

Having Taurus Sun in your immediate life is like a breath of fresh air; you’ve had enough with Aries hardheadedness — you’re ready to work and you have no qualms with diving in headfirst. There’s nothing that makes you smile as much as knowing where things are headed: you love control and so does Taurus, but it’s not as fiery or as hostile as Aries control … it’s more along the lines of knowing exactly what to do to get what you want done.

And you will be accomplishing many things during this season, Scorpio. Because Taurus season allows you to believe in yourself, you’ll be a happy camper, as you plow through all that requires your touch. And, you may even feel some of that famous stubbornness, but knowing you, you’ll make it work for you over time.

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