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Sagittarius – Sun in Taurus Horoscope

You moved well during Aries season, and it acted as an impetus for you to take things seriously. Now that you’re in the 2022 Taurus Sun season, all that prior work is not ready for action. You feel directed and focused in ways you haven’t felt yet this year.

Your Sagittarius nature works well with the Bull; it’s as if two strong farm animals got together for a pow-wow, you being the Centaur horse figure. You feel stable and ready to take on a lot. When you use Taurus energy for focus, there’s nothing that stands in your way, nor can there be. You are a force of nature with the Taurus season and the Sun working on your side. Aim that arrow and shoot, Sagittarius. Whatever your eye leads you to is where you’ll place your intense concentration.

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