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Aries – Venus in Taurus Horoscope

As a trailblazer, you act fast, and travel light. Yet, when it comes to your resources, you’re all about accumulation. Venus’ homecoming to Taurus has you stocking your grain houses, and gathering all that you can hold to fortify yourself. It’s a good time to marinate in an abundance mindset and gratitude for a full reservoir.

Around June 11th, you’re feeling experimental with your resources. Venus’ merger with Uranus, the planet of invention, inspires new ways to earn and spend sudden windfalls. Notice how sometimes, the more you have, the more you crave. On June 16th, pause if you’re voraciously chasing shadow-gains that rapidly dwindle your tangible reserves.

While Venus serves up high fiscal returns, reserve these to smooth out any surprise dips in your income. These days, the only constant in your financial universe is change.

June 18th may deliver mixed messages to navigate while managing your bounty. First, Venus squares off with Saturn, grinding your longing to relax and indulge against what your alliances expect from you. Though a collective duty may feel burdensome, stay lucid.

When Venus and Pluto connect on June 21st, they join forces to ground your career transformations into palpable security. Appreciate how empowering it’s been to face your fears on the public stage. While celebrating hard-earned rewards, also take stock of soul-deep benefits that can’t be quantified.

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