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Aquarius – Venus in Taurus Horoscope

Venus in Taurus arrives with fresh cut flowers and paint swatches to adorn your sense of home. Luxuriating in your nest is on the menu until June 22nd. The thrift shops and yard sales in your town become your scavenger hunt.

How does the mood of your abode shift with warmer hued lightbulbs? What plants do you cohabitate with? Could there be more of them?

These aren’t superficial adjustments. If home is where your heart is: get comfy.

Reinventing the very idea of home may also be a theme as Venus and Uranus conjoin on June 11th. Where and how you reside are going through changes that transcend the aesthetic realm. Consider how you can foster a sense of home amid the necessity to adapt.

When Venus and Pluto collaborate on June 21st, they nurture your underground root system. Tend to your ancestral altar. Pour your forebears a cup of tea, along with your own libation. While you’re at it, consider what you want to bring with you from those who came before, and what you want to cut free.

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