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Pisces – Venus in Taurus Horoscope

Starting on May 28th, Venus in Taurus brings charm and circumstance to your local and daily life. Visit the farmers’ markets, parks, and tea parlors that draw you to them. Get to know the faces there. Introduce yourself.

Daily life might get a little loud or frenetic around June 11th, when Venus slinks up to Uranus. But this might be more about how exciting and unexpected events fill your dance card. Focus on what you can sustainably foster. It’s incredible how fast you can spread yourself thin when enthralled in possibility.

Turn to your daily rituals to get grounded again. Add a little flora to your altar. Adorn yourself in the textiles that feel good on your skin, no matter what they look like on the outside.

If you feel busy all the time, comb through your calendar and decide what can wait. Pencil in blocks of time for you to recharge. Get nothing done. On purpose.

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