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Taurus – Venus in Taurus Horoscope

As Venus comes home to your house of self, your focus is beauty. Radiating your own luxurious, assured glow, Venus’ blessings help you feel grounded, present, and receptive to the sweetness in your life. Soak this elixir up by indulging in the most delicious self-care. Take recharging naps. Savor all that brings you comfort.

As Venus catches up to Uranus on June 11th, you’re yearning for reinvention. Over the last few years, you’ve been learning to be more adaptable. As Venus and Uranus offer a fertile matrix to bloom your radical authenticity, you free yourself from limiting identities.

Your self-reinvention project may become all consuming by June 16th. While avidly trying on new identities for size, stay true to your dependable, enduring core. Like a well-worn pair of jeans, your innermost essence will always be your best fit.

As June 18th arrives, career demands may draw heavily on your vitality. Who you’ve become is tested and put on the line. In your new-found confidence, take care to not overcommit. Remember how easy it is to get spread thin and depleted.

When Venus trines Pluto on June 21st, reflect on how restoring your sense of self has transformed your faith. A new-found philosophy of beauty and harmony fortifies you.

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