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Gemini – Venus in Taurus Horoscope

On May 28th, Venus beckons you to retreat within. Amid a recent flurry of social activity, an old pattern has arisen that needs your care. When June 11th arrives, mine your depths for fresh insight on how you might sometimes get in your own way.

Around June 16th, be driven toward what you crave, but do not let your cravings drive you. Instead, reach for your desires while grounded in agency and honesty.

As Venus squares off with Saturn on June 18th, your internal work may challenge you to reshape your guiding philosophy. Do your long term plans or pursuits support your inner callings? Can you translate your vast knowledge into practical wisdom?

As you commit to your internal healing, your compassion grows.

When Venus and Pluto connect on June 21st, notice how self-love has transformed your shadowy interiors. While privately facing fears and expressing grief, your empowerment radiates for the world to see.

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