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Cancer – Venus in Taurus Horoscope

When Venus enters your place of community, your networks grow new supportive branches. Use Venus’ time in Taurus to gather with friends and spend some time on the collective endeavors that provide you with the most sustenance.

If the aim in mind is communal prosperity, find the folks that know how to show up for more than their own agenda. Growing any garden requires everyone involved to get good and dirty. Make sure no-one on the job feels above the work.

When you think back to 2018, and all the new friends you began cross-pollinating with, what stands out to you about that time? Were there turning points others helped you make? Old wounds that new friendships helped to heal?

As Venus conjoins Uranus on June 11th, you may be circling back to some of these root systems. See how far you’ve grown together. What experiments worked? Which were merely an avenue to other re-inventions?

Your hunger for interconnection is insatiable in 2022, but definitely peaks mid-June. Think quality over quantity as you ponder new memberships and committee roles. Pivot your focus to the wealth of collaboration that surrounds you. What do you most want to grow with this collective talent? What systems do you need in place to support it?

With Neptune’s influence in the picture later on, you find ways to transcend perceived limits by reconnecting with your guiding philosophy.

Visualize how you want your communities to co-conspire with you.

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