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Leo – Venus in Taurus Horoscope

Now’s the time to pitch your projects and proposals — especially if they’re groundbreaking. Until June 22nd, Venus in Taurus blesses you with cosmic good lighting in your public and professional roles. Do you, and trust your charm to do at least some of the talking.

Uranus has been reinventing who you thought you were going to be when you grew up since 2018. Around June 11th, appreciate the grace that led you to your unlikely new callings. Also, stay curious about happy accidents that reveal innovative opportunities.

Around June 16th, you’re reminded that you can’t (and probably shouldn’t try to) please everyone. Still — you are more than your public roles. As you recalibrate the balance between your professional life and personal life yet again, recall that these lives have one thing in common: you.

Nurture the allies and partners that have a stake in your thriving. Have a stake in their thriving too.

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