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Scorpio – Venus in Taurus Horoscope

Venus traipsing through your house of enduring commitment may have you saying “I do” to mutually beneficial unions. For you, it’s the season to surrender to interconnection and trust.

Venus’ meeting with Uranus on June 11th introduces a wild card element into your relational field. Unlikely mergers beckon. Be open to adaptable arrangements, and explore radical agreements to find what benefits everyone.

Your urge to merge may become all-consuming around June 16th. Though hungry for long-term stability, consider how much you can sustainably give to another. Try giving new relationships a little nurturing space to flourish.

How to hold both relationship abundance and the responsibilities of your home life becomes a central question around June 18th.

Know that you are that balance beam. You are the thread between everyone who has loved you. You are the meeting place. Love has always been a renewable resource, and there’s more than enough to go around.

Also, respect your own limits. Listen to your energy levels. Your resting states require your devotion too.

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