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Virgo May 2022 Horoscope

Virgo May 2022 Horoscope

Taurus season generally presents you with more than a few opportunities to get out of your comfort zone, Virgo, because the confident sun moves through your adventure and higher-learning sector, inspiring you to spread your wings a bit. But you’ll no doubt have plenty of Aries season business carrying through this month. Relationship-oriented Venus occupies the fire sign and your emotional and sexual intimacy zone from May 2 to 28 while go-getter Mars is there from May 24 to July 5. The planet of love and the planet of sex will continue to urge you to get clear on what you need out of your nearest and dearest relationships. In fact, going inward is a huge theme for you this month, because your ruling planet, messenger Mercury, will be retrograde in your career zone from May 10 to 22 and higher-learning zone from May 22 to June 3.

While you might not see the professional progress you’ve been hoping for immediately now, any self-work you’re doing now could translate to results down the road. Maintaining that inner peace could be a bit challenging particularly around May 16 when this month’s lunar eclipse and full moon activate your communication zone and crank up the intensity of your social life. It’ll be crucial to know which conversations and casual connections are worth exerting your energy on and which you can deliver a firm “no” to.


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